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My Journey

Growing up as the youngest child in my home I was used to self-studying which helped me to be an independent learner. My best support at home was my mother who was living a life of gratitude by helping poor people with food; grocery and old clothes. 

Although we were from a middle-income family of 5; my father used to work for 16-18 hrs a day and still remember me and my mother used to sit at the edge of the door waiting for him to come back from work and sleep together on the floor. My father always used to sleep next to me as I was a lovable child for him.

I felt if my father had more time to enjoy with family we should have been happier.

Then came my college days I always had an urge to do something different and I was inclined to do computer technology whereas my father and elder brother were civil engineers. I did pass out computer technology and the next day I joined a small company which used to assemble computers with no salary. I still remember travelling in local trains packed with people pushing to board and get down from the train. After six months of committed learning, I used to get a stipend of 800/- Indian rupees ($10 US) per month which used to take care of my travel and food while working.

After one year of understanding computer technology and mastering Novell networks, I did start my own computer assembling firm. As a 19-year-old entrepreneur, I was out in the world to make some impact with businesses to be more productive with innovative techno selling ways.

To do new things I started selling Mac machines in 1998 which were very expensive and affordable by only advertising agencies and professional photographers. By the year 2000 went into selling Projectors for homes to have a large theatre feeling sitting on their luxurious sofas. Then came Canon where I was appointed an exclusive dealer for selling Digital cameras from 1 megapixel onwards to a select segment who were still using Kodak analogue cameras.

The urge to do first things helped me be an exclusive SONY retailer with their wide range of VAIO; BRAVIA & CYBERSHOT brands of products in 2006.

This was a period when my mother got diagnosed with cancer and was going through suffering which lasted a long time. The only advice my mother used to always give me is to balance work and family life. I realised this when she died with the last breath in front of us and I understood the meaning of what is life when a living soul turns into a dead body. I remember moving out of a respectful SONY EXCLUSIVE store and leasing out to a garments store which was the starting point of changing my busy life into spectacular life.

Meanwhile, I was invited to a BNI core group in 2010 and was finally into a group where GIVERS GAIN was a natural connection to me and being in BNI was again a first for me in Mumbai. After being appointed Chapter president in nine months of chapter formation and promoted to be Support Director consultant in a year to my journey of BNI. I wanted to see what's beyond BNI INDIA and  I did travel to BNI GLOBAL CONVENTION in 2013 then I realised BNI has no boundaries and went through a workshop called ROOM FULL OF REFERRALS done by DAWN LYONS of REFERRAL INSTITUTE for BNI Executive directors and Director consultants. I felt like BNI INDIA needs this education to improve the way we approach each other as per our behaviour styles which will enable higher closure of referrals. This also enabled me to be a better DC and get awards for the consecutive four years as BEST DC in India, Got promoted to SDC and was supporting a region of 385 entrepreneurs with 8 chapters in operation.

Finally, after 2 years I was invited to Asentiv ( Referral Institute) worldwide franchisee conference as a guest and to my surprise, I could meet TOM FLEMING who also owns a BNI FRANCHISEE in Tampa. Five years of practising GIVERS GAIN in BNI led to greater credibility globally and rubbing shoulders with the best experts in relationship-based referral marketing.

After listening to success stories from the franchisees I was all set to go ahead for impacting entrepreneurs in Mumbai; India. 

My certification for being Train the trainer also realised me how a coach or mentor can change the way you take your life ahead ...right from my childhood where my parents became my mentor by teaching us values of Gratitude and simple living which is more of sharing and caring till the stage of my retail operations.

The desire to start something new and do it first got me ASENTIV for central India and now I realise my clients have become smarter and identify their top 12 relationship based referral partners to set their amazing business and giving me a greater amount of delight to do this more and impact entrepreneurs with ASENTIV education.

This is my way towards what I do and how I do it in the current stage and got connected to beautiful souls worldwide who believe in sharing and caring.   

By 2022 now with a vision of 50 franchisees and impacting 1000 entrepreneurs who will create employment of one lakh people with amazing business and spectacular life.

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