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How To Read Your Eyeglass Prescription And Buy Glasses Online PATCHED

These abbreviated terms are common on prescriptions for glasses, contact lenses and eye medicines, but some doctors and clinics have opted to modernize their eye prescriptions by using RE (right eye) and LE (left eye) instead of OD and OS.

how to read your eyeglass prescription and buy glasses online

The information for your right eye (OD) always comes before the information for your left eye (OS). Eye doctors write prescriptions this way because, when they face you, they see your right eye on their left (first) and your left eye on their right (second).

Your eye doctor may also write specific lens recommendations on your eyeglass prescription. They might suggest anti-reflective coating, photochromic lenses and/or progressive lenses to give you the most comfortable vision correction possible.

In addition to the information in an eyeglass prescription, a contact lens prescription must specify the base (central) curve of the back surface of the contact lens, the lens diameter, and the specific manufacturer and brand name of the lens.

Also, the power of an eyeglass prescription frequently is modified when determining the best contact lens power. This is because eyeglass lenses are worn some distance (usually about 12 millimeters) from the surface of the eye, whereas contact lenses rest directly on the cornea of the eye.

An accurate contact lens prescription can be written only after a contact lens fitting has been performed and the prescribing doctor has evaluated your eyes' response to the lenses and to contact lens wear in general.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is the U.S. government's consumer protection agency. Their Prescription Release Rule requires that eye doctors give patients a copy of their eyeglass prescription at the end of an eye exam that includes a refraction.

Your eye doctor must give you a copy of the prescription whether or not you ask for it. Eye doctors may not condition the release of your prescription on your agreement to purchase eyeglasses from them, nor may they charge you an extra fee to release your prescription.

If your astigmatism measures 1.5 diopters or more, you may need to wear prescription glasses or contact lenses to see properly. That said, if you have any amount of astigmatism, you may appreciate the extra clarity of wearing prescription eyewear.

Your contact prescription also identifies the brand and type of lens, along with an expiration date. Contact prescriptions have to be updated from year to year to account for changes to your vision and to ensure they fit properly.

The abbreviations and numbers on your eyeglass prescription tell the eyeglass manufacturer what type of lenses you need and how strong they need to be. This information also indicates the degree of nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism in each of your eyes.

I was surprised that this second try brought a different result. The app took me through the entire process and continued to try to read my prescription at 99 percent complete for over 20 minutes. It never finished and never sent me an error message.

Positive reviews say the Prescription Scanner app is convenient to use, the process is smooth, and their prescriptions are accurate. Customers are satisfied with the wide selection of glasses and reasonable prices.

Progressive and bifocal prescriptions have a value in the ADD column, and they are almost always the same number for both eyes. However, if the letters PAL are next to one of the ADD numbers, or elsewhere on your prescription, this means your doctor indicated that you will need a different ADD correction for progressive lenses (versus lined bifocals). You'll use the number with PAL next to it when entering the ADD value of your progressive prescription on The PAL number will apply to both eyes.

The Prescription Lens Scanner is currently offered FREE OF CHARGE. In comparison, an eye exam to retrieve your prescription typically costs between $100 and $250. This service is offered by as a part of our commitment to making eye care affordable for everyone.

The Prescription Lens Scanner is a tool for extracting the prescription from your current glasses. If you have glasses but don't know where your original Rx is, this service will help save time and money in the process of buying new glasses.

PD, or Pupillary Distance, is the distance (in millimeters) between your pupils. This measurement is important for your glasses providers, as it is used to fit your glasses to your eyes. The distance between the optical centers of your lenses should be the same as the distance between your pupils.

No. Prescription Lens Scanner retrieves the current prescription from your glasses as well as measures the distance between your pupils. This tool does not replace a medical eye exam which should be done every two years.

An 'out of range' message means that we were able to measure your glasses parameters, but the results fall outside of the 'testable range'. This means we cannot be certain regarding their accuracy, therefore we cannot share them with you.

The photos from the test are used in real time by our algorithm to retrieve your glasses prescription and your PD, and are stored anonymously in our logs. We do not save any personally identifiable information on our servers. Read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy to learn more.

We encourage customers to compare prices via comparative price shopping engines online and through various other means in order to find the best deal. RRP is not the same as 'street price' - Street Price can be broadly defined as the price at which the item actually sells in the free market. is committed to providing the very best prices and unbeatable value to its customers. We welcome feedback and notice of price rollbacks in the market.

10.7 Before starting to use your eyewear purchase you should try them on. If you cannot see clearly or if you experience any discomfort or problem in relation to any eyewear product (particularly prescription eyewear and contact lenses) purchased, you should stop using the eyewear in question immediately and you should seek advice from an appropriate medical practitioner without delay, which may include an ophthalmologist, optician or eye doctor. Unless specified otherwise, the sale and supply of products to you by SmartBuyGlasses does not and cannot constitute the provision of any advice whether of a professional or medical nature or otherwise.

ii. the scanned eyeglasses optical parameters ranges are: - Myopic with spherical power between -0.25 and -6.00 diopter - Hyperopic with spherical power between +0.25 and +3.00 diopter - Astigmatic with cylinder power between Cyl -0.25 and -2.50 - Single-vision only (no multi-focal, bi-focal or progressive lenses) - Have no prism measurement in your prescription

iv. the scanned prescription glasses were issued for a person who (a) does not suffer from a medical condition that may influence the results or the Lens Scanner Feature or their applicability, including without limitation amblyopia, diabetes, hypertension, glaucoma, cataracts, retinal detachment, crossed-eyes, brain injuries, neurological issues, etc, and/or (b) does not suffers from vision discomfort or symptoms of acute eye pain, flashes and/or floaters in eyes. And we assume no liability for any damages arising from your non-compliance with the above or with any of the instructions accompanying the Lens Scanner Feature.

Caring for your eyes is an important aspect of overall health. Older adults are at increased risk for age-related eye conditions like cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic eye disease1 Those with poor vision can also experience falls and mobility issues. In fact, a study of 1,500 older adults found that impaired vision was an independent risk factor for both recurring falls and fractures.2 The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) notes that impaired vision more than doubles the risk of experiencing a fall for Americans 65 and older.3 Thankfully, seeing clearly can sometimes be as simple as getting a new prescription and ordering a new pair of glasses.

Our Reviews Team recommends products and services we believe provide value in the lives of our readers. We have performed hours of in-depth, independent research to help inform your online search for glasses. To make our selections, we:

If you are in need of assistance, you can access a live chat feature 24/7 or call 1-844-244-1186 between 7 a.m. and midnight ET. GlassesUSA also has two email options. For questions related to your order, you can email For questions related to a return, you can email

Of all of our recommendations for online glasses, Eyebuydirect offers the fastest shipping option for those who need their glasses in a hurry. Select in-stock frames are available for two-day shipping through UPS for $19. After Eyebuydirect verifies your prescription, you can get seven to 14 day shipping for $5.95 via USPS. If you spend more than $119, shipping is free.

Just like GlassesUSA, Eyebuydirect offers an online quiz to help with frame selection. It offers a live try-on feature as well as the option to upload a still photo to see how your glasses will look on you.

Eyebuydirect offers frames that start at $6, and all frames include basic single-vision lenses for prescriptions with an SPH correction (a measurement of how far or nearsighted you are) of +/- 2.25 and below, or a CYL correction (a measurement of astigmatism) of +/- 1.50 and below. If you require a stronger prescription, your lenses cost extra. All glasses come with a one-year warranty against manufacturer defects and a 14-day trial period.

The ordering process is not as simple as with GlassesUSA, as Eyebuydirect requires you to enter your prescription information on the website manually. It can help you find an eye doctor near you if you do not have a prescription or your current prescription is more than two years old.

Warby Parker lets you choose five frames to try on at home for five days before you send them back for free. This is a great feature for those who prefer to physically try glasses on before they buy them. You can also virtually try on frames, and the site offers a quiz to help you select your frames. 041b061a72


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