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Blocks 002 Halfbeat WAV

BMA is a standard technique for motion magnitude analysis due to its reliability and robustness with respect to encoding motions in video sequences [48]. The key idea behind BMA is to divide the current frame into a matrix of macro-blocks and to then compare those with the corresponding block and its adjacent neighbor macro-blocks in the previous frame to create a vector that specifies the movement of a particular macro-block in two adjoining frames. A displacement vector is estimated at a location (n1, n2, n) in the target frame. From there, template matching occurs, tracking the block centered on this point to respective blocks in a specified search area in the reference frame. We use the immediately prior frame as the reference [47]. The movement is calculated for all of the macro-blocks that compose a frame, and it constitutes the motion estimated in the current frame. The search area for a macro-block match is constrained up to p pixels on all sides of the corresponding macro-block in the previous frame. p is the search parameter and is generally 7 pixels.

Blocks 002 Halfbeat WAV


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