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Ralink Rt5572: A Review of This Wireless Network Chipset by MediaTek

sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get dist-upgrade sudo apt-get install linux-generic-lts-vivid if you have enabled the universe repositories in your /etc/apt/sources.list file, you can add the ralink wi-fi driver to your distro. i am using the ralink page to inform you that i am using the ralink rt5572 drivers. if you search for rt5572 drivers, you will find a list of compatible drivers. it is important to add the rt5572.ko module to your linux kernel when you have installed a new kernel. this can be done using the following command in a terminal:

Ralink Rt5572 Driver 12


sudo modprobe rt5572 this will load the rt5572 module into the kernel. it is also possible to install the rt5572 driver by selecting the package "rt5572" from the repository. if you do this, you will be asked if you want to install a package with a kernel module. the kernel module you have to install can be found under the label "rt5572.ko" in the rt5572 package.

after you have installed the latest kernel, there is another problem that you may face. the wpa_supplicant service in your current kernel will not work with your wi-fi adapter. if you use wireless on your system, the service is important to connect to a wi-fi network. so you have to uninstall the wpa_supplicant service and install a package that allows the wpa_supplicant service to work with your kernel. for example the rt2800pci package provides a version of the wpa_supplicant service for the rt2800pci driver. to install the package, you have to type the following commands into a terminal:

the rt5572 has native support for monitor mode and injection mode on this chipset, however it has a slight problem with stability on newer kernels. if you use the iwlwifi driver you can get it working with monitor mode and injection on a rt5572, but the driver is unstable on 2.6.32 kernels. the newer iwlwifi driver can be installed from the website.


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