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Buy Child Care Centre Perth

For Sale individually or combined price $1,145,000.One centre licensed for 47.Second centre licensed for 28.Affluent suburbs.Predominantly Long Day care.Centres are 1 km apart.Daily Rate $138... More details

buy child care centre perth

Vassallo will this week debut on the BRW Young Rich list with a $46 million fortune, having amassed his wealth from the childcare sector, owning, building an operating a chain of centres in Perth, as well as the luxury boat market.

Despite issues such as a high-profile case when one child was found outside a centre, the business grew rapidly. By 2013 Vassallo had 22 centres, including some he had built himself in greenfield sites. It was the largest privately-owned childcare business in Western Australia.

Now you what type of service you want to provide to the community and have been approved to offer care, next step is to think about whether you will be building a centre from scratch, buy a pre-existing centre from owners or buying a franchise?

Objective: Between May and June 2002 an outbreak of chickenpox (CP) occurred at a child care centre in Perth, Western Australia. An epidemiological study was undertaken in order to determine the characteristics of the outbreak, assess vaccine effectiveness, and to define the direct and indirect costs associated with CP infections in young children.

Results: Of the 211 children attending the child care centre at the time of the outbreak, 44 contracted CP (attack rate 25.7%). In addition, two staff members, five secondary household contacts (secondary attack rate 38.5%) and four secondary non-household associated contacts were infected. There were no severe complications or any hospitalisations recorded in infected persons. Two cases had been vaccinated previously. Vaccine effectiveness for CP of any severity was 78.0% (95% CI 15.4-94.3%) while vaccine effectiveness against severe CP was 100%. Direct costs during this outbreak were estimated to be $54 per case and the total costs, including cost of parental time off work or study, were estimated to be $525.73 per case.

For the past 12 years I have had direct involvement in the child care market in Perth, Western Australia (WA). Initially as a licensed valuer of child care centres and businesses, and more recently as a real estate agent buying, selling and managing them. Now, as the parent of a two year old who attends child care, I am also a customer.

Based on research undertaken by MMJ Real Estate, it appears in Melbourne and Sydney child care centres are auctioned off nearly every other weekend. Perth by comparison would be lucky to have witnessed five transactions a year, over the past five to ten years. As you can see a significant discrepancy exists, particularly in the supply of the asset type.

So what type of return can you expect on a child care centre? In Melbourne and Sydney, securely leased, modern child care centres generally attract returns in the region of 4.5% to 6.0%. The east coast market currently and always will have yields that are at least 1.0% lower than in Perth. The simple logic being: more buyers, less opportunities, a bigger and more developed market, equals lower returns. The most recent transaction in Perth for a large, modern, purpose-built centre was the sale of a Think Education centre in Yanchep, a growing residential location approximately 45 kilometres north of the Perth CBD. That centre sold late 2017 for $4,430,000, showing a 6.48% return.

To my knowledge that sale price and yield was a record high price for a child care centre in WA and a record low yield. The low yield being a reflection of limited stock that is available to purchase and a long term lease backed by a tenant affiliated with an ASX listed operator. Has that sale reset the market in WA? The simple answer is, its too early to tell. Until there is a handful of sales of similar assets in WA, leased to a variety of tenants, the jury is out on what an investor can expect to yield from a securely leased child care centre. One thing is for certain, the days of 8.0% are gone. 6.5% is more likely to be the norm, particularly for centres tenanted by major or large scale operators.

At Buttercups we have a strong focus in creating a home-like environment for your child. We deliver the highest standards of child care in a safe, warm and welcoming environment, where your child can discover themselves.

Deciding to invest in childcare through building your own centre can really pay off, but requires plenty of capital, as well as knowledgeable guidance from experienced childcare builders in order to become a success. The following guide outlines the costs involved with starting a brand new childcare centre.

The price tag of deciding to invest in childcare varies greatly depending on whether you choose an urban or rural location, but averages between $700,000 to $1 million (not including land purchases). Construction costs depend on a number of factors, from size and location, to council fees, and the rates of all tradesmen involved.

With tight regulations required to fit out a childcare centre development, the cost of and essential operational equipment should not be underestimated. Kitchens for food preparation, specific bathrooms, technology, and a playground (a must have) can end up costing from $100,000 to $150,000.

For those with the means, developing a new childcare centre can be a fantastic long-term investment. Specific regulations and requirements around childcare in WA make this a niche market, and in order to ensure a successful build its important to consult with experts in this field.

Perth building projects specialize in building and renovating childcare centers that is all we do from new builds to soft fall flooring and everything in between, as an owner of 3 successful childcare centers we know the needs of the industry.

Our child care and school-age programs are developed on an inclusion emergent curriculum philosophy. We believe children learn to the fullest of their potential when they are engaging in play that is meaningful to them. We when, the educators take the lead from the child, we become a co-learner with the child and the opportunities are endless.

The North Perth EarlyON Child and Family Centre offers free drop-in programs for children up to six years old and their parents/caregivers. There are many benefits of participating in EarlyON programs:

Babies from 6 weeks old through to kindergarten children are welcome at our early learning centres, with facilities designed for each age group within the preschool years. Once children are ready for kindergarten, they can engage in our Government-approved programs, which are structured to prepare children for primary school.

Each Goodstart Early Learning childcare centre in Perth meets our high standards for quality. This is reflected by the facilities and resources available, as well as the early learning specialists we employ.

Parent Education Training will be held every Tuesday 11am and 7pm in Spanish and every Wednesday 11am and 7pm in English. To join the training please submit an e-mail request with your choice of date/time to to receive the Zoom link. Training documents can be found here.

There are funding programs that subsidise child care fees for families using child care. is the national government one-stop-shop for families. Use our free government website to find and compare early childhood education and care services, view fees and quality ratings, and estimate out of pocket costs.

The Office of Licensing (OOL) is the licensing and regulatory authority of the Department of Children and Families. OOL licenses and regulates child care centers, youth and residential programs, resource family homes and adoption agencies.

Child care centers provide care for six or more children below 13 years of age who attend less than 24 hours a day. Child care centers are required by State law to be licensed. To search for licensed child care centers in New Jersey, click HERE. To obtain a copy of the Manual of Requirements for Child Care centers, click HERE. For more information about Child Care Licensing click HERE.

Family child care homes (also known as family day care homes) provide care for five or fewer children below 13 years of age in the provider's private residence. Family child care providers may choose to become voluntarily registered through Child Care Resource and Referral Centers under contract with the Department of Human Services. To obtain a copy of the Manual of Requirements for Family Child Care Registration, click HERE.

Children's residential treatment centers provide 24-hour care for 13 or more children placed or financed by DCF. Residential treatment centers under contract with the Department, both in New Jersey and in other states, must be approved by the Office of Licensing.Click HERE for a listing of DCF OOL licensed (Billy's Law) residential child care facilities, group homes and treatment home programs located in other states.

Children's group homes provide 24-hour care for 12 or fewer children placed or financed by DCF. Group homes include children's group homes, teaching family homes, supervised transitional living homes, treatment homes, alternative care homes and psychiatric community homes for children. Group homes under contract with DCF must be approved by the Office of Licensing.

Children's shelter facilities, juvenile-family-crisis shelters and shelter homes provide temporary 24-hour care for non-adjudicated children including children who are dependent, neglected, abandoned or runaways. Shelter facilities and shelter homes under contract with DCF must be approved by the Office of Licensing.

Resource family homes are private residences in which board, lodging, care and temporary out-of-home placement services are provided by a resource family parent on a 24-hour basis to a child under the auspices of the Child Protection and Permanency, CP&P (formerly DYFS), including a home approved by CP&P for the placement of a child for the purpose of adoption. 041b061a72


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