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Eye Of The Temple Free Download

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Eye of the Temple Free Download

Download Zip:

All shops featured on will deliver your game immediately after the payment has been approved. This will be either in the form of direct download or PC key - depending on the store of your choice. After you activate key on a corresponding platform, you will be able to download and play your game for free. If you don't know how to activate the key, check out the tutorials section on the bottom of the page.

Eye of the Temple is a VR game that lets you explore a vast and treacherous temple using your own feet. Keep your balance as you step from one moving block to another, dodging traps and solving puzzles with your torch and whip in hand. As you explore the Temple complex and its past, you might just uncover the mystery of the Eye, and find yourself becoming part of its legend.

Eye of the Temple makes unique use of room-scale VR and delivers the experience of exploring a vast environment. Lose yourself in the depths of the temple without teleportation, artificial locomotion, or other distractions taking you out of the immersion.

What brought you to this ancient mountaintop temple hidden deep in the jungle? Getting in will be difficult. You see a blue bird looking at you and flying away. You feel it has something to tell you. You also download Erica Full Version PC Game.

Eye of the Temple is a VR game that lets you explore a vast and treacherous temple using your feet. Maintain your balance as you move between moving blocks, avoiding traps and solving puzzles with flashlight and whip in hand. As you explore the Temple complex and its past, you may uncover the mystery of the Eyeil and find yourself part of its legend.

Eye of the Temple makes unique use of virtual reality on a local scale and offers the experience of exploring a vast environment. Lose yourself in the depths of the temple without teleportation, artificial locomotion or other distractions to take you out of the dive.

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