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Maksim Samsonov
Maksim Samsonov

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Select your music type and then upload your mp3s through Soundcloud or Dropbox. You can also upload individual tracks directly from your computer desktop app. You can start creating your beats from there while adding effects, loops, and samples in real time. As soon as you make something that catches your attention on Soundtrap Studio App just share it.

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We believe in using students' passion for music as a pathway to build entrepreneurial skills. Becoming a DJ or producer reinforces the same skills needed to run a business, become a leader, and change the world. We envision a world where everyone can realize their creative potential and use it to make a difference in their community. We partner with organizations and programs that share this vision. 100% of the contributions we raise online go toward supporting programs that allow students to express themselves through DJ'ing, music and art, while developing personal skills that will help propel them to a brighter future. We're Building Life Skills by Building Beats.


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