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Buy Dining Room Chair Covers VERIFIED

One of our top-selling Chair Covers, our off-white is the color of many traditional, sheet-like slipcovers, but this one is made of a stain-resistant, upholstered, and washable fabric. Classic and versatile, off-white is a safe choice for your Dining Chair or Lounge Chair, and will lighten up any room in your home. Not only are they easy to style, but they can make your room look more spacious as well.

buy dining room chair covers

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Off-white will instantly brighten up a dining area, making it feel cheery and warm no matter the season. Our Levity Off-White Scandinavian Dining Chairs look great in the dining room and bring a sense of streamlined style and modernity to your space. Conversely, style your dining room with our Off-White Classic Dining Chairs for a classic, luxurious look.

Another stunning neutral, our Sand Chair Cover brings a stylish, refined vibe to any space in your home. Perfect for a room that receives lots of natural light, sand chairs generate a warm and cozy aesthetic.

If you want to make your dining room really pop, try Dark Denim Blue Dining Chairs. This allows for a more subtle execution of a deep, saturated, or moody tone in your dining room. Not to mention, the contrast between neutral shades and darker colors will look amazing.

In the living room, try adding a Dark Denim Blue Lounge Chair. It will make a statement while pairing well with neutral furniture. To add warmth to your room and to break up the blue, try layering with a throw or pillow on your chair.

While it may be less neutral, charcoal gray still has a ton of versatility. From going bold to keeping a room more muted, you can create a wide range of looks with a charcoal gray chair. Try styling with:

In the living room, a Charcoal Gray Lounge Chair can serve as a nice, neutral background against your more colorful furniture or decor. It also complements dark walls really well for a bold, eclectic room design. For a relaxed, minimalist vibe, try pairing your chair with other neutrals, including beige, brown, or white.

You've purchased new dining chairs, and you love the look, but there's just one problem. They're uncomfortable. You're thinking of buying dining room chair cushions, but you're wondering, are dining chair cushions out of style? What kind of cushions would we need to fit our chairs? How thick should the chair cushions be? Are the chair pads supposed to cover the entire surface of the chair seat or is it ok for some of the chair to show around the cushion?

We've been making cushions for dining chairs for more than 60 years, so we'd be happy to help you find the perfect cushions. We may be biased, but in our opinion, comfortable, durable furnishings never go out of style, they just become classics. Thousands of our customers seem to agree.

A classic, casual chair design that has been part of American homes since the 18th century. The signature spindled back and sides of this signature chair originated from a wheel design, and then colonial craftsmen started to use steam bending to produce the distinctively curved bow backs. Many Windsor-based designs have evolved with high backs, low backs and traditional versions even have armrests. The Windsor chair is the epitome of the casual kitchen or dining area furniture and has been a staple of dining comfort for almost 300-years. The sheer variety of designs make them more difficult to find cushions that fit perfectly on the seat.

Probably the first chair style to have common use in colonial America, ladderback chairs, in some form or another, have distinguished homes since the middle-ages. The namesake horizontal slats on the back have evolved into numerous designs and distinctive types from seats made of woven cane or rush to ultramodern designs that end up in museums. Furniture manufacturers continue to evolve the basic structure of this ubiquitous dining room chair. What makes ladderback chairs so popular is their ability to enhance almost any dining room design, from relaxed beach cottage to country primitive to sleek urban apartments.

Whether you own the traditional Shaker ladderback chairs or one of the modern style spinoffs, the cushion options are almost endless, but our extra-thick cushion has been the number one choice for ladderback chairs. Barnett Home Décor has options that embrace every look from colonial to country primitive to modern farmhouse. Our chair pads are available in a wide variety of fabrics and finishes, so you can match it to your existing furniture or find a new and unique dining room chair expression (in which case, please send us a photo!).

A classic, casual chair design that has been part of American homes since the 18th century. The iconic spindled back and sides of this signature chair originated from a wheel design, and then colonial craftsmen started to use steam bending to produce the distinctively curved bow backs. Variations of the Windsor dining chair have evolved with high backs, low backs -and traditional versions even have armrests. Throughout all these evolutions, the Windsor chair has remained a staple of traditional dining rooms and kitchens for almost 300-years.

Count on the austere and frugal Shaker craftsmen of Lebanon, NY, to design and manufacture a dining room chair iconic for the perfection of its simplicity. A mainstay in the homes of New York and Boston in the mid-1700s, they remain a top choice for formal dining rooms. Whatever decor style you are striving for in your dining room design, there is a variation of slat back chair that will blend seamlessly.

My sister has had her dining room set for a really long time. While the frames of the chairs are in pretty good condition, the microfiber seat cushions are stained, watermarked and impossible to clean.

Compare the chair measurements below with yours to be sure the pattern will work. I suggest making a sample of the slipcover first using similar scrap fabric (or a plain 100% cotton muslin) to ensure the slipcovers will fit over your chair. If you need, you can then alter the pattern to suit your chair better.

Bar height dining sets are intimate seating arrangements that require just as much tender care as the couples who use them do. So why not choose covers that are strong, durable, and long-lasting for your outdoor dining sets?

We have everything covered! Every shape and size is a challenge for us, but we're up to the task with bar height dining set covers that can withstand the elements all year long! Nothing can stop us from protecting your outdoors furniture with perfectly seam-stitched covers.

Do you still want to wait? Place your order right away, relax and wait till your bar height dining set covers get delivered right to your doorstep. Your location is not a constraint for us, we can deliver anywhere in the world.

We also make custom cushion covers for any piece of furniture in your home. Here you may select from Zippered Cushion Covers for your sofa, Elasticized Cover for the chair seat and coordinating Zippered Pillow Shams and refreshing Futon Covers for your futon. Furniture cover fabric selection includes durable twills and denim, luscious suedes, solids, prints, and leather-look material. As always quoted price includes our labor and our fabric.

For single chair protection, Duck Covers makes covers that wrap securely around each chair's legs, while an elastic hem with a drawstring brings a tailored fit. The nylon material is waterproof, with the brand guaranteeing protection against rain, dirt, wind and snow. There's also something to be said about the "mocha cappuccino" colorway that doesn't make this look like some repurposed Glad bag. 041b061a72


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