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Gay Thong Sex Stories

"No, we're going-" Ty did not have the time to interject that the clerk disappeared into the storeI laughed and went into the stall. I rapidly got naked and put the small piece of fabric on. I looked at the poor triangle of fabric and realized it was written "See THE truth" on it, a weird name for a thong collection. Actually, Ty was right it fitted me perfectly I tried the ultimate exercise and squatted, The string rubbed onto my asshole which sent me to shiver but the whole thing was still intact and my junk was covered.

gay thong sex stories

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During the drive home, no one talked and we just enjoyed the music. I drove my two mates to their places and then got home. I did my laundry fast so I could have the thong for the next day. I started making dinner since my father and brother weren't home yet. My brother worked for my father that was a lawyer so we had a pretty comfortable life.

I had shaved myself smooth and bare below the waist, and then pushed my cock and balls into a thick two-inch chrome cock ring. That swollen shaved package of pent-up lust was now thrusting skyward, lifting the sheer white satin thong that barely encased my shaft and cock head.

I stood up in full view of our new beach trio, and slowly pulled my tiny satin thong down from my smooth-shaved groin area, over my fully erect cock, and let it fall onto the sand at my feet, where my two cocksucking friends sat waiting for whatever was to happen next.

Hot guy with nice body and beautiful dick kissing, licking and sucking his big boob sex doll's pussy tits and mouth before fucking her in his thong, leggings and butt plug. The way his body ass and cock fuck will make you need to cum!

Later that week, I decided to look for some male lingerie. The boxers that I was wearing seemed to common and I wanted to get something that made me feel sexy. I walked into the Kmart (not exactly the best place to start) and passed by the women's intimate apparel section. I grew jealous of the fact that they had so many sexy options of panties while men only had a few options. I tuned around towards the men's underwear section and noticed men's cotton thongs made by JOE BOXER!! I was in shock!! I didn't know that they made men's thongs at all! I bought the box of four thongs and headed straight home to try them on. I became horny by just wearing them. I pulled down the front just a little to let my cock pop out and started strocking. My other hand somehow wandered towards my anus and I started sticking my finger up my ass. One finger wasn't enough, so I entered more one by one. Sooner or later, I had all five fingers in my ass. Mmmmmm, the sensation was great!

I got home and pulled the dildo out of the box. I pulled off my clothes and put on my blue thong. Afterwards, I placed the dildo on a kitchen chair. Remembering what the lady said about lube, I placed a condom over the enormous dildo. My cock was getting hard at this point. I didn't want it to stretch out the elestic in my thong. I quickly placed some saliva in my ass to prepare it for the reaming. I then pulled my thong aside, not allowing my cock to pop out of place, and slowly sat on the dildo. A piercing pain shot up to my head that started from my ass. I then decided to sit on it slowly, allowing my ass to gradually stretch to the dildo's girth. About 5 minutes later, the dildo was fully in my ass, all the way up to the balls. I walked into the bathroom with the dildo in my ass to see how it looked. The mere sight sent my cock throbbing. I made my way back to the kitchen chair and sat down. OOOOOOOOO!! The sensation was miraculous!! I slowly bounced up and down on it while moaning gently. I sped up around 2 minutes later and maoned loudly. I got off of the chair and sat on it while on the ground. I bounced up and down on it furiously, imagining that the man in the locker room and another man were penetrating my tight ass. I then whipped out my cock and beat off until I came. My knees were so sore after that experience.

As years went by, when I visited my girl cousins' home, I would steal a few of her bikinis then take them home, and while my family were out in the town, I would put them on, and pull the back of her bikini up my butt, and noticed how sexy it looked and felt on me. Obviously, I have seen girls from brazil that wear bikinis and give themselves a wedgie before going out to the beach. The thong underwear really changed me in ways I could not imagine. It was quite a wake up for me.

I was given money for my birthday, and with that I thought I could buy my first thong underwear and see how it actually looks on my butt. I wasn't growing hair all over my thighs just yet, so that was good, I thought. So I went to JCPenney and bought a 3 pack of black cotton thongs, went to a park, into some bushes in a secluded area where no one would see me and put them on, and....

"wow! I love how it went up my ass!". I thought. It was a feeling that just made my cock hard as the thick part of the fabric went up my ass. It really made me hard so much, that I didn't know what to do with it. I wasn't exactly aware of what masturbation was at that time (funny because usually a kid knows what it is before they turn 10 these days!). But, to my surprise, I found a lazyboy rocking chair inside the bushes, so I lied myself head down on the chair with my knees on the ground, sticking my ass in the air, still secured that no one would see what I am doing. The sky was getting dark, and cold. It was around 7 at night by the time the sky darkened, on a cold december night. As the sky darkened, I began humping the frontside of the chair, making it rock back and forth. I started oozing from my cock and it started making my thong wet. And for about a half hour, I kept humping the chair, with my cock still inside my thong, enjoying how sexy and aroused I was feeling, which in turn it kept me feeling warm. Only a few more minutes and then, I felt my balls and cock get numb, but it felt so fucking good, that I began humping the chair making it rock bach and forth faster and faster.....ooooooooooh, I moaned, as I felt a violent and throbbing rush on my balls and cock, making me shudder and eventually calming me down after that vibrating rush was over.

As the rush ended, I wanted to touch my cock, but I felt a lot of wetness in my thong that I had to see what was it that felt wet and sticky. I saw white cream seeping out of my thong. I almost wanted to faint, but I looked inside and my entire cock and balls were filled with what I learned was my semen. The stuff that makes babies inside a girl. Hahaha...I thought. How did I ever make myself this sexually wild, I thought to myself.

The sky was pitch dark, and the clouds looked really dark, which meant it was gonna rain. I was fortunate to have my hoodie sweater on, which was covering my head, except my ass the only thing exposed in this cold weather. I heard rain falling, so I took off my dirty thong and put it in a smaller bag seperated from the big shopping bag I had as well, and I put on a clean thong. By then, I heard footsteps crunching the fallen leaves. I guess someone heard me through all that rustling of my bags. Still with my hoodie on, bent on my knees, hearing footsteps getting closer, til I heard a voice of a man, saying: "hey, man, I noticed you inside these bushes a while ago while you were getting off. you kinda turned me on in your thong".

In a way, it turned me on when he said that. But also, I thought that that's only what you say to a girl when she wears a thong. I'm not a girl. So why was he still thinking my ass looked hot in a thong, although i'm a boy?

I was still feeling buzzed, so I let my head fall onto the cushion of the lazyboy chair to rest a little. By then he pulled out slowly, hearing the slucking sound until it popped out of my hole. At that, he said, please come back here tomorrow so we can do this again. Same time. Wear another thong baby, because i'm starting to love how they look on you more than on my wife...I said ok. Then he squeezed my ass and gave my thong a nice and hard tug upward, like a wedgie, making me squeak in delight. At that he disappeared before I could even say thank you to him. Funny, I never got to see what he looked like, but he had old wrinkly hands, and he was a white guy from the complexion of his light skin. My God, and all of this happened because...I wore...a thong.

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ReviewsALBERT HUFFSTICKLER'S latest chapbook, Hindsight, Or How I Survivedthe Depression is published by Liquid Paper Press, with all copies signedby the author. This is a guy who lost a Grammy to Hillary Clinton just lastweek. See why the Grammys are bullshit. Make yer $3 check payable to NerveCowboy and send it to: Liquid Paper Press, PO Box 4973, Austin, TX78765 Call for EntriesROBERT BLY ANTHOLOGY The Austin International Poetry Festival (AIPF)seeks poems about/influenced by Robert Bly for a local anthology edited byDorothy Ellis Barnett. Bly is the honored guest at the AIPF sponsored by BookPeople. Deadline: March 15. E-mail to: or mail to:AIPF, PO Box 160403, Austin, TX 78716-0403.CONVERSATIONS WITH JOHN HERNDON is a new talk radio program airing onSundays, noon-2pm on KJFK-FM 98.9. Poet, journalist, and teacher, John willfocus on books and authors, the arts, ideas, and culture on his show. Johnpromises lots of poetry and readings and interviews from and with authors,artists, scholars, and thinkers. Poets, authors, musicians, artists, and artsorganizations are encouraged to send books, CDs, schedules, and other materialto: John Herndon, 3616 Far West Blvd. #101-145, Austin, TX 78731-3074.ART-CORE is now accepting submissions of photos, drawings, paintings,video, et cetera. They support uncensored anarchistic art - and have been doing so for quite some time now, kiddies. PO Box 49324,Austin, TX 78765. 323-0774.NERVE COWBOY is accepting submissions of poetry, short fiction (up tofive pages), and black-and-white artwork for issue #3. They would especiallylike subs from Texas. So torpedo yo' hoagie-burritoed schtuff along with a SASEto: Joseph Shields and Jerry Hagins, PO Box 4973, Austin, TX 78765.LITERALLY, Austin Monthly Journal of the Liberal Arts, is acceptingsubmissions of art, cartoons, photography, fiction, and poetry, etc. Send to:Terry R.W. Whisenant, 1700 Burton, #423, Austin, TX 78741.PATCHWORK POEMS Submissions must be received by the full moon each month(next full moon is Mar 24). Send to: New Moon Publishing, 1528 W. Contour,Suite 103, San Antonio, TX 78212. Fax: 210/684-3050.Ongoing Readings & Misc.UTTER is a reading series of original fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.Come listen to local writers on the second Thursday of every month at 7pm inthe Reception Room of the Austin History Center, 810 Guadalupe.SHORT FICTION WRITERS' GROUP welcomes beginning to professional writersfor critique. First Sun each month at the Austin History Center, 810Guadalupe. 1-3pm. 467-2588 or e-mail jomiya@aol.comBOOK PEOPLE, 603 N. Lamar, reading group meets every otherWednesday, 6:30-8pm on a new topic every two months. Call for a schedule and/orto get on mailing list. 472-5050 or 459-8081. *Book People's Book Group meets 6:30-8pm in the Community Room, third floor.The current session of the group features Granta magazine's best youngAmerican novelists. (Mar 26 Iona Moon; April 16 Angle of Reposeby Wallace Stegner; April 30 Little Altars Everywhere by Rebecca Wells;May 14 Wildlife by Richard Ford; May 28 Liar's Club by Mary Karr;June 11 All the Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy; June 25 A LessonBefore Dying by Ernest Gaines.) For the schedule/to reserve a spot call472-5050. 603 N. Lamar. 459-8081.AIR SALON is the current poetry and theatre radio show from KVRX-FM withhosts Caitlin Wood and Phil West. Tuesdays, 7-7:30pm. Send submissions: AirSalon c/o KVRX-FM, UT, PO Box D, Austin, TX 78713.WRITING FROM THE HEART, North Village Branch Library, 2139 W.Anderson, writing group, every other Sat, 11am-1pm. 445-6573. * Weekly *BORDERS hosts literary discussion groups every Wednesday at 7:30pm. TheLiterary Discussion Group meets the first Wed of each month; the Mystery Groupmeets the second Wed; the SF folks meet the third Wed: Mar 19 features TimPowers' Anubis Gates; and Horror meets the fourth Wed: Mar 26 is MurielGrey's Trickster. Wednesdays, 7:30pm, Borders, 10225 Research. Sat, March 15, 5:15pm featues a booksigning by Max Cannon,author/artist of the Red Meat comics series. 795-8410.SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE POETS! Different musical, dramatic, and poeticguests each week. Free admission, tip jar passed for the artists. Saturdays,7pm, Quackenbush's on Guadalupe.BONGO NIGHT WITH MAX NOFZIGER AND THOM the World Poet. Or is LarryCordle the other host? You be the judge. Every other Wednesday. Next up Mar19. Special guests each time with many fabulous surprises! Free, tip jaraccessible. Wednesdays, 8:30-11pm, Flipnotics on Barton Springs.THE AUSTIN INTERNATIONAL POETRY FESTIVAL is set for April 4-6. Planningmeetings are held every Mon at 6:30pm at Sharri's Sidewalk Cafe (formerlyCafezino), 5416 Parkcrest Dr. Open mike follows at 7:30pm. Festival volunteersare needed and anyone interested is welcome to come and participate. 335-8599 or e-mail: AIPF97@aol.comRUTA MAYA presents APAL open readings every Tuesday from 6:30 to7:30pm. Located at 218 W. Fourth. John Hawk, 371-1254.STORYTELLERS OF AUSTIN performs traditional and original stories atKoffee `n Ice Cream, 6700 Middle Fiskville Rd. Guest tellers welcome.Mondays, 6:30-8pm. 453-0665.HYDE PARK UNPLUGGED features hosts Glen Alyn and Steve Brooks.Thursdays, 7-9pm. Joel T's Cafe, 41st & Guadalupe. 453-8482.JUDGE ROY'S BEAN EMPORIUM, 604 Brazos, presents Langtry'sPoetry Open Mike, Tuesdays, 8-10pm. Surprise guests. 928-0619 or837-8693.MOJO'S DAILY GRIND, 2714 Guadalupe, features gibberish @ 10pmevery Fri. Sign up before 9:30. Bring some, make some up, or just listen.Poets, storytellers, ranters, rêvers. They're flexible. Hosted by NaomiFrye. 477-6656.WORDSNIGHT The Blue Pearl, 129 E. Hopkins, San Marcos is anew open-mike poetry reading, held every other Sunday, 7-9pm. Storytellers arealso welcome; limit three poems or stories per person. Hosted by Bob Clark.369-1689.SPIDER HOUSE welcomes poets on DRY nights to the outdoor stage onWed nights at 7pm. The Austin Poets at Large meet before the reading at 6pm toplan various and sundry poetrying deviltry, and all are welcome to the meetingand reading. Call John Hawk. 2908 Fruth, just east of Guadalupe between 29thand 30th (behind Antone's). 371-1254. * Monthly ** THE GAY, LESBIAN AND BISEXUAL READING GROUP welcomes new members. Thenext book is Dorothy Allison's Skin: Talking About Sex, Class andLiterature. The April meeting is Wed, Apr 2 (American Studies, anovel by Mark Merlis). They meet the first Wed of the month at 7:30 inthe Community Room of BookPeople, Sixth & Lamar. 708-8119.* THE AUSTIN POETRY ENSEMBLE (APE) features Mike Henry, Peter Manriquez,Susan Somers-Willett, Hilary Thomas, Genevieve Van Cleve, and Phil West. Thesesorted (sordid?) circus runaways from Blue Plates and environs will performtheir no-net, high-wire poetics on a monthly basis in costuming yet to bedetermined. (It's too scary for the children in the audience for the APE toattempt weekly derring-do of such a volatile nature and Slam-seamytresses VanWest is still wrestling in the basement with the fish hook thong prototype.)The last Friday of each month at 8:30pm in the Electric Lounge.*THE ELECTRIC LOUNGE POETRY SLAM is hosted by SlamistressGenevieve Van Cleve on the first Tuesday of each month at 8pm. Monthly winnerswill qualify for the slamoff to determine next year's Austin Poetry Slam Teamcompeting in the National poetry Slam. And each monthly winner gets 50 greenslims for their winning ways. 302 Bowie. 476-FUSE.*AUSTIN POETRY SOCIETY meets 10am on the third Saturday of each month,through May. North Loop Library, 2210 Hancock Dr. 276-7858.*BORDERS BOOKS & MUSIC, 10225 Research. The fourth Wed ofeach month at 7:30 features free poetry readings with special guestseach month. Hosted by Barbara Carr. 795-9553.*AUSTIN HISTORY SHORT FICTION GROUP meets in the O. Henry Room, firstSunday of each month, 1-3pm. 467-2588.*BARNES & NOBLE, Arboretum Poetry the second Thursday eachmonth, 7:30-10pm. Hosted by John Berry. Round-robin open-mike follows.928-0619 or 837-8693. Third Thursday of each month (Mar 20), AWL and the Texas Commission on theArts sponsors a Poetry Workshop at the B&N shop led by Jill Timmons,7:30-10pm. Bring 10 or more copies of any one-page, original poem.335-7078. Women's Book Discussion Group meets at the Arboretum store at 7pm every fourthWed. The Fiction Book Group at the Arboretum meets at 7:30 on the last Monday ofthe month. 502-8468 or 418-8985. *AND AT WESTLAKE Barnes & Noble at 2757 Bee Caves:Herman Nelson hosts poetry sponsored by the Texas Commission on the Arts andthe Austin Writers' League the last Thursday of each month from 7:30-10pm. Openmike follows featured poets. 928-0619 or 837-8693. A Poetry Workshop sponsored by the Texas Commission on the Arts and theAustin Writers' League is held on the first Thursday of each month from7:30-10pm. Hosted by Barbara Carr. Bring 10 or more copies of any one pageoriginal poem. 343-7940. Other events at the Westlake location: two children's story times, Wed andSat, 11am. Book Discussion Group idea? Seminar idea? Call Amy at Barnes & Noble:418-8985.* Women's Book Discussion Group every fourth Wed, 7:30pm (call477-6318). More poetry! There are men and women suited behind steel and glassbuildings, Xian, rationalist sons o' bitches who are eating the planet out fromunder us and we really ought to think about doing something real about it. Endthe cultural ideas of nationalism, racism, sexism, age-ism, and consumerism,the true obscenities of the culture. Their greed and fear and callowselfishness, sheer irresponsibility are killing us as the planet is ravaged toits very core. Save the children. Save our planet. Change the culture now. Vayacon alteración. Poem of the Issuewalking with the taste of your coffee and your loveron your tongueswinging and a-smiling and a-swayingare your bunsif you don't have a spoon handythe best way to swirl your cream in your coffeeis to tongue it gently . . . .- JohnCutaia, "Coffee" (an excerpt) track 3 on Glosso Babel's CD, SwingingJazz Got something to say? The Chronicle welcomes opinion pieces on any topic from the community. Submit yours now at 041b061a72


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