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Nikifor Solovyov

Alchemist Book In Hindi Free Download

I urge you to study this book and implement the techniques explained in it. I believe that by doing this, you will know the wondrous power that will help you overcome the dilemma, sorrow, sadness and turmoil of failure. This miraculous power will help you reach your destination, solve your problems, liberate you from mental and physical wallets, and lead you on the path of freedom, happiness and peace.

alchemist book in hindi free download

The author has not been very keen on selling rights of his books to producers because he believed this kills the essence of writing. Despite this, he sold the rights to the alchemist to Warner Bros. in 2003 for the film adaptation based on the book. However, the script was never agreed on by the producers and the author. The movie hence was never released.


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